iTube APK Download App – Youtube Downloader

iTube APK Download App – Youtube Downloader
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Do you want an application that can help you to organize your YouTube videos? Do you wish to see the videos when you are not connected to the web? If yes, then you should try Itube application. The easy to use interface of the application has made it very popular all over the world. The application is recommended for all those people who love to watch YouTube videos and free youtube videos download. iTube APK allows you to make customized playlists of your favorite music and video. Categorizing the videos in folders will help you to scroll between them easily and this will save a lot of time as well.Itube Apk

iTube APK Features:iTube-YouTube-Player

he application was previously known as play tube but had limited features. In the recent updates, the developers changed the name to Itube App and added many cool features and n no time, the application reached the number one spot in both Google and App store. Some features of the application are listed below:

Playlists Modifier:
Most android and apple Smartphone have poor playlist managers and it is very difficult to find the music that you love. This problem can be solved with the help of Itube. Itube comes with an easy to use manager that will help you to manage your videos in just some clicks.

Search:itube free music

The application is equipped with a powerful search engine that provides accurate results all the time. With the help of this search engine, you can easily find your favorite music and videos on your phone and over the web.

Works in Background:

The main reason behind the success of this application is that it also works perfectly in the background. So, you can easily use other features of the cell phone such as messaging and camera and the application will work in the background perfectly. Almost all the video managers on the play store stops working in the background but Itube stands out due to this feature.

Consumes less battery:

The application consumes less battery than the other video managers on the store. So, if you are tired of the video managers that drain all the power from your cell phone, use Itube.

Cache Videos:

This is the best feature that the application has to offer. With the help of cached videos feature, you can watch all the video even if you are not connected to the internet. The cached files take less space and allow you to watch your favorite videos anytime you want.

How to download Itube Apk on iOS and Android:

Despite the immense popularity of Itube Download, the application has been removed from the Google play store due to the policy violations and it is also been removed from the iTunes. However, the developers have given the access to the application through different websites over the internet. You can easily find the application on the internet using the Google search engine. You should make sure that you download the application through a trusted website because there are different scammers and hackers on the internet as well that can hack your private information.  Downloading the application from the verified sources will ensure that the application will work perfectly and is free from malicious threats.

How to Install iTube APK in Android:itube app

Itube works perfectly on the latest android platforms and you need to have android 2.3 or more to run this application on your phone. As the software is not on the Google play store, you will have to download an Itube App file from the external sources.

To install the program on the phone, you will have to enable third party installation. By doing so, you can install any software that you download from the internet.

After enabling third party installation, just run the Itube App file and the application will be installed on your Android smart phone.

How to install iTube APK in iOS:itube for android

Most software on the app store is paid and the users have to pay a hefty sum just to use the simple applications. You can download the APK version from the internet and install it on you Iphone without any problem. You need to set the date back to 26 September, 2014 and then you can easily install the software on the cell phone. After installing the software, you can update the date and time again from the phone settings.

How to install iTube APK in PC:youtube app

Itube can also be installed on the personal computer and you will be able to use all the features of this wonderful application on your computer. In this section, you will find the basic steps to install the application on the computer using an android emulator. Android emulator is the program that will help you to install and run android applications on your cell phones. Follow the steps given below to install Itube on your personal computer.

  • First of all, install the bluestacks application on your computer. It is one of the best android emulators on the internet.
  • Run the android emulator and provide the Google details to sing in into the play store via computer.
  • Download the Itube APK file on your computer.
  • After downloading the file, run the APK file using the bluestacks emulator.

The software will install on your computer and you will be able to use all the features of the program for free.


Before the application was taken down from the play store and the app store, it got positive reviews from the customers. The application was downloaded more than 1 million times on play store and 500000 times on app store.  The application is still very famous all over the internet and the people are downloading the application to manage and enjoy their favorite videos.


Itube is the only video manager in the world that offer such sophisticated features and still has a simple layout. The application’s best feature is the cached video option. With the help of this feature, you can easily see the videos without the internet. The application is free to use and the developer constantly update the application to fix the bugs identified by the users. You should look the latest version of the application on the internet.

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